Your motorcycle is important to you, and if it’s not shipped properly, the damages and extra charges can ruin an otherwise successful move. At Allen & Coles Moving Systems, our Maine movers have the resources necessary to safely ship your bike anywhere it needs to go, but a few simple steps on your part will help ensure a truly seamless motorcycle move. Our Portland movers have compiled some tips for safe motorcycle shipping. Before shipping your motorcycle, you should always:

  • Check with Your Insurance Beforehand
    Find out whether your moving company can insure your bike, and the exact amount. If the insurance isn’t enough in the event of damages, check with your regular insurance company to make sure they’ll handle the bill.
  • Take Pictures and Document Existing Damages
    Knowing the exact status of your bike before handing it over to your movers and providing photo evidence will make claims easier if there are any damages.
  • Disable Your Alarm
    Disabling your alarm for the move won’t necessarily protect your bike from damages, but your movers will like you more for it! It may save you battery life too.
  • Make Sure There Aren’t Leaks
    It’s a good idea to drain fluids and remove the battery before shipping, especially if your motorcycle is being shipped with your other belongings. A leaking bike is bad enough, and additional damage to your other valuables is worse!

Our Portland movers will treat your motorcycle with the care it deserves so you can get back on the open road! We offer a variety of affordable, convenient motorcycle moving services. Contact us today to learn more about our unbeatable bike moving solutions!