Moving to a new home marks a big change. For many people moving is filled with a mix of excited anticipation for things to come, stress from the task at hand, and a flood of sentimental emotions representing the home they are leaving behind.

It can be hard to make sense of the conflicting emotions, and pushy movers with deadlines don’t help. Our team of residential movers in Portland, ME, understands the emotional toll that moving takes families. And we have some tips to protect your most valuable possessions during the move. Whether you are going a few miles or across state lines, packing is important. Trust the experience of Portland, ME long-distance movers.

Use the Right Packing Supplies

Your smaller items need the most protection. Start by dividing your collectibles into new boxes sized appropriately for the contents. A good rule of thumb is to leave about two inches of space between the contents and the inner wall to fill with packing materials. Wrap fragile items and fill voids with packing material. And finish by sealing the boxes with packing tape and labeling the exterior with words like ‘collectibles’ or ‘fragile’ to help movers identify the contents.

Invest in Good Boxes with Different Sizing

Most of us went through a period of time in young adulthood when our moves consisted of a few dozen discarded grocery store boxes and a pickup truck. While that approach can get the job done, you will likely have several casualties. Buy corrugated cardboard boxes designed for moving. These boxes have a large flute size (S-pattern in between two layers of cardboard) that forms the outer wall for durable protection.

Use Good Packing Tape

A great box is only as good as the tape that secures it. There are two types of packing tape, one designed for transportation and one for long-term storage. Consider your needs and choose the best tape for the job. Shipping tape uses a hot-melt adhesive that offers a strong hold and is great for transporting boxes, especially if they will be handled frequently in a short duration. By comparison, moving tape uses acrylic adhesive that works well at a range of temperatures, making it ideal for long-term storage.

Use the Right Packing Material

Wrap fragile items that are prone to cracks and chips, like fine china, in packing paper. Use cushioned wrap, air packs, Styrofoam peanuts, and other materials to fill in all of the empty spaces and secure the items from moving inside the box. Pay extra attention to the placement of the tape. If adhesive comes into contact with your collectible, there is a chance of permanent damage. It is best to tape packing materials to themselves rather than to the item they are protecting.

If all of this sounds a little bit too daunting, professional movers can help with packing and unpacking to make sure your important collectibles are transported safely.

Use the Right Protecting for Furniture and Larger Items

Not all valuables fit nicely in a box. For larger pieces like antique furniture, use custom wood crating and moving blankets to offer compartmentalized, safe storage. Wooden crates can be built to fit any size of larger collectible. These crates are good for transportation and storage. Moving blankets add a soft barrier to protect larger pieces from scratching against rough surfaces. You can’t always control how things shift in a moving truck, especially in a long-distance move. However, you can take steps to make sure everything is well protected and traveling safely.

Consider Additional Protection Planning Options

Even when you do everything right, there are no guarantees. If the moving truck is involved in an accident or an act of God (like they say in the fine print) damages your valuables, you could lose out on coverage without the proper protection planning.

Moving companies typically offer basic coverage based on the weight of an item. However, this system doesn’t account for the added value of rare or collectible items. If you are moving valuable items that exceed coverage limits, you should purchase additional protection covering those valuable items.

Take Advantage of Flexible Storage Options

Short-term and long-term storage is actually very common when people move from one home to another. There is typically no shortage of storage units in any given city, but take into consideration the ease and service of utilizing storage provided by your moving company. Many residential and long-distance moving companies offer secure, climate-controlled storage options in a managed warehouse. When you use storage facilities provided by your mover, you get more flexibility in services.

Let the Professionals at Allen and Coles Moving Systems Take Care of Your Collectibles

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