There has been a push to live greener, more sustainable lifestyles to help protect the environment in recent years. However, if you have adopted such a lifestyle and are planning an upcoming move, you may be worried about how your relocation will harm the environment. Luckily, the Portland long-distance movers at Allen and Coles Moving Systems have learned some easy ways moving companies and their customers can lessen the environmental impact of every move. 

Here are the most recommended tips and tricks from our residential movers in Portland, Maine. 

How Moving Companies Can Protect the Environment

If you're a moving company trying to do your part to protect the environment, there are three key factors to remember. 

1. Reduce Your Fuel Usage

2. Reuse Packing Materials 

3. Recycle When Possible

You can reduce your company's fuel usage by combing smaller shipments headed in the same direction onto the same truck. A simple way to reuse packing materials is by offering your clients plastic wardrobe boxes and crates to pack their belongings in, using moving blankets and rubber bands, and offering boxes and materials made from recycled cardboard and plastic. Finally, you can introduce a recycling policy to your company, switch to solar power, and use eco-friendly cleaning products. 

How Customers Planning a Move Can Protect the Environment

Hiring a moving company that implements eco-friendly practices into their company culture is essential to protect the environment during your move. However, there are also a few ways you can do your part. 

1. Dispose of Items Properly

2. Donate Unwanted Items

3. Don't Use Single-Use Plastic

When you're sorting your belongings and packing up your house, you might discover chemicals, electronics, gas, paint, or appliances you don't want to bring with you. Instead of throwing these items out, make sure you follow your community's guidelines to ensure safe and proper disposal. In addition, you can donate any unwanted clothing, household items, or non-perishable food items to local charities and non-profits. Finally, don't purchase new moving boxes. Instead, either reuse moving boxes from someone else's recent move or use plastic crates and totes. You can also use clothing, bedding, and towels to pad fragile items when packing. 

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