moving tips for warm weather

Allen and Coles Moving Systems has decades of experience. Our local and long-distance movers have logged millions of miles—many of those during the summer heat. Warm-weather months are the most popular for relocations, and we’ve learned some ways to stay cool during a move on a hot day.

If you’re planning a summer move, consider the following tips.

Wear Lightweight, Breathable Clothing—But Keep Safety in Mind

Breathable fabrics, such as cotton or performance materials, help you stay cool by wicking away moisture. If you’re moving, you’ll also need to choose clothing that protects you. On moving day wear:

  • Gloves
  • Close-toed shoes
  • A hat to protect against sunburn

(And don’t forget the sunscreen!)

Keep Lots of Water Handy

Staying hydrated is a must on any hot day, and it’s even more important if you’re exerting yourself by lifting boxes and moving furniture. Keep plenty of water on hand for anyone helping with your relocation—including moving professionals you hire.

Make Cool Plans for Kids and Pets

Keep your pets and kids out of the heat (and out from underfoot) by making arrangements for them to be elsewhere on moving day. Send kids to the home of a friend or family member and send the pets to daycare where they can stay cool and comfortable.

Keep the Air On

Have the utilities turned off at your former residence the day after the move and on at the new residence the day before you move in. This will ensure you’ll be able to run the AC while you move.

Since the doors will be opened and closed frequently, run some fans as well. If possible, have someone turn on the AC at the new house before you arrive, so it will already be cool when you get there.

Service Your Vehicle and Check the AC

The last thing you want during a long-distance drive is to find out that the AC doesn’t work. To avoid that unpleasant scenario, check that the air conditioning is working before getting on the road.

You should also perform general maintenance on your vehicle to ensure it has proper coolant to prevent overheating during a long drive.

Take It Easy

The move will get done without you overdoing it on a hot day. Listen to your body to prevent overheating. Take frequent breaks, stay hydrated, and don’t skip lunch. If you tend to get heated easily, leave the move to the professionals.

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