Hudson Mover Review by Beau T.

RC Mason... What can I say. Is it possible to give less than 1 star or report a company for potential bait-and-switch scam? Sorry I'm getting side tracked. These guys are a SCAM. I repeat SCAM. They took me for an ADDITIONAL $3500 NOT INCLUDING ORIGINAL MOVING COST. Do not use unless you would enjoy the following: 1. Over $1000 in deliberately BROKEN itemes. I'm talking about things that shouldn't be taken apart that were bashed with a hammer to fit in a box. I had this big running wheel for my cat (you can find them on amazon) and instead of shipping the whole wheel itself, they decided to BREAK it at each joint, fold it, and not even ship it in a box. It was worth $200 but I had to throw it away. 2. Over $1000 in deliberately STOLEN items. I hope they are having fun with my gamecube controllers, original copy of Mario Kart Double Dash, and jewelry with my name printed on it in hieroglyphics. Want to know more items they stole from me? DM me or whatever and let me know. Had I known they were literally going to rob me I would have never let them move me. 3. This is the third and final part of this moving companies big scam: THE QUOTE. I mean, the only thing worse than unpacking your items only to find out they were bashed with a hammer or simply stolen by some R.C Mason movers is to find out they "miss quoted" you by $1500. They charged me an additional $1500 so that they could do things like wrap three game of thrones books in 12 feet of paper just to put ONLY THOSE THREE BOOKS IN THE BOX. A normal 3ft by 3ft box had literally 3 paperback books in it and they charged me extra for it. I have never seen anyone or any company be more wasteful and apparent in trying to charge me extra for things I clearly wouldn't have needed. At the end of the day these guys clearly don't know how to move. What they do know how to do though is swindle someone, 20 year old, moving for the first time, ME, out of $3500 NOT INCLUDING WHAT THEY CHARGED ME TO MOVE ORIGINALLY.

Allen and Coles Moving Systems

We see you rendered moving services with us back in January. We are sorry to hear your moving experience did not meet expectations and wish you had reached out sooner. We are reviewing your concerns and will forward our findings to management. The surveys performed are just estimates, but that much of a variance does suggest items were missed during the initial walk-through or items were added after the survey was performed. We did not misrepresent. The final charges were based on actual weight. As you were unavailable on load day and your representatives left shortly after giving access, is it possible our crew packed/loaded items that weren’t supposed to go? We pride ourselves on the quality service we provide, so we are confident this was an isolated incident, and nothing was ‘deliberately’ broken or misplaced by our crew. We have forwarded you a claim form and contact information of the general manager if you wish to discuss further. Again, our apologizes for your dissatisfaction.