Leominster Mover Review by Tirthankar D.

My wife and I moved from Cambridge, Massachusetts to New Brunswick, NJ on the 20th of December 2016. A month before the move, Bill Biniszkiewicz from Allen & Coles, a North American Van Lines agent, visited our place and gave us a quote. We were thoroughly impressed with Bill’s friendly, assuring, yet professional attitude. He was also very flexible with respect to billing issues. My new employer in NJ would reimburse me the moving cost, but would not pay for packing. Bill was able to give me two quotes – one with, and another without the packing cost – and also made sure that while the bill towards the moving expenses would be sent directly to my employer’s office, I could pay separately for the packing using a credit card. On the day of the move, our driver Matt Holland arrived with two assistants with his truck. Matt has an amazing personality. Considering the profoundness and versatility of his knowledge (ranging from literature/mathematics to movies/entertainment), his calm and gentle demeanor and subtle sense of humor, he can easily be mistaken as a scientist, researcher or professor. But then, he is a professional of the highest order when it comes to leading and executing a move. Meticulous, careful and thorough. All my stuff was packed with utmost care and loaded on the truck by 4 PM. The truck arrived at its destination the next day, and once again, Matt delivered each and every item to our new home with impeccable efficiency. This time he just has one person to help him, and getting all the stuff from the parking lot to the seventeenth floor wasn’t the easiest of tasks. But he effortlessly powered through the herculean task, maintaining his calmness, composure and sense of humor all the time. Thank you so much Bill and Matt for making our move such a memorable experience. I would never think of another moving company if I had the opportunity of obtaining your service again. And I am not only a super-satisfied customer, I have a deep respect for Matt Holland as a person. Memories of the wonderful time that we were able to spend with him will remain indelibly etched in our minds forever. I wish him all the best in life.