Portland Mover Review by Lee C.

I notified Allen & Coles Moving Systems in September, 2017, that a box containing a sterling silver tea set, sterling silver place settings and candle sticks/holders. They took over two years to say they would not take responsibility for my loss. They knew about it back then and did nothing!

Allen and Coles Moving Systems

As we have expressed repeatedly verbally and in writing, in review of your paperwork, all totes were packed by owner, contents/condition unknown (PBO, CU). Nothing was noted on the delivery paperwork alerting us anything was missing when we delivered you back on 3/31/17. 6 months later you claim a carton was missing but needed more time due to health matters. We respectfully understood and waived the 90-day claim submittal deadline. 2 years later, you reconnect with us. We regrettably had to inform we are not in possession of the box nor its claimed contents, and we are unable to accept liability. On a PBO shipment, regardless of what may be written on the box, we do not open or verify contents. This is only performed on carrier packed (CP) items. Also, items of such value, should have been listed on the high value sheet, which you did not. Without that to cross reference, we are unable to substantiate value or even acknowledge it was in your shipment. And lastly, without timely notification or documentation at time of delivery noting a missing item, we are going to assume all was received as your signature on the inventory implies. We take all claims seriously and even with the time that has passed (2 years), we still made every effort to investigate your claim. As you stated, it is strange, that is the only carton claimed missing. We are truly sorry to have to present you this information. We know this is not what you wanted to hear, but this decision was carefully reviewed by management and respectfully made taking all evidence into consideration. Again, sorry we couldn't be of further assistance.